Lynx Studio Technology Aurora 16

Aurora 16, Analog/Digital Converter from Lynx Studio Technology.

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funkakuchi 07/24/2006

Lynx Studio Technology Aurora 16 : funkakuchi's user review


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16-channel A / D and D / A, 24 bits, up to 192kHz, series-connected analog d-sub25 (TASCAM format) and AES / EBU format Yamaha. Slot available for other digital interfaces: for PT HD, ADAT ... and perhaps soon the firewire ...
And controllable via MIDI or upgrable infrared from a computer.

cf for details.


I use it for a few months, it's great conversion, neutral.
I regret that the ADAT expansion card limits the number of channels if you go up the sampling rate ... should have been two times more I / O ADAT ... damage. Otherwise, watch out, it heats the coconut! Allow a gap of one unit above and below.
I could compare to my old table converters soundcraft digital 328, and the Masterlink converters RME ADI 8 DS, aurora16 are above. By comparing a reference track and a digital loop (D / A / D) to this same source, I was not able to distinguish audible difference. Whereas with the RME, the stereo image was narrower.
In short, aurora16 gives me satisfaction, being neutral, what I expect of a converter. I think never have a replacement converter is solid. Referrer and I experience with this choice ...
The quality / price is exellent, if one compares the main climax ...