Alesis Studio 32
Alesis Studio 32
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patcho 02/03/2014

Alesis Studio 32 : patcho's user review

«  Politely say "dated" ok for the price »

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memory, I sold there's a pay ...

Rack Table 19 '
XLR and jack / channels
no internal fx
16 in grp-6 -4 in the
insert AND OUT live inland
100% analog
its (only) greatest strength is its routing: In addition to live-out inland (perfect for home studio) it has much to send via what makes a pair of departures + subgroups ... not bad for the price especially as it has I think inserts on the MAIN L / R and sub grp also (check)
EQ: only mid is parametric
no automation of course :-) or sync any kind

Now, she has two big weakness really means pre-amp and especially filtering quasi EXIST ...


This is an analog "classic" table clear manual

It takes the concepts of routing "usual" to use at full speed, live (fx insert, monitoring and routing to external FX etc..) Which gives it enough flexibility to use

But I must say that its quality is now outdated (it's an old model, but not "vintage" in the sense that he could age well and become a sought after gear, which is just NOT SUPER case) and that big, it sounds not :-)


So now, it sounds not: you move the EQ and presto! nothing happens ... Full Looze. The opposite of what is legitimately expected of an analog c to d at least, OK it is not digital, so at least that filter. ben here, no, not even.

Pre-amp are poor, not much potato, but relatively transparent ... but hey, for the price, it is quite corect. Say it works. Better than EQ. And it blows a tad still when you shoot (desperately) your gains.


I used it for about 6 years in my early studioïste home and live with an army of insert (graphical EQ insert on 31 Sends, the FX routing, compressors slices, etc.. The all in a 24U rack HUGE called "dead" due to its weight ... yeah, the weight of a dead man what) and then digital came ...

no regrets for using this table CHEAP at all for its live-out INLAND (which allowed me to make a pair of demo and rec lives of too), on the other hand, if you cross, ben , go your way. The same budget, I think there is room for improvement in the concurrency (makie onyx, yamaha, etc..). Me, to compensate for its EQ rotten, I used external preamp tube. And blows, I was serving really "only" as a router signal. It was great practice for this. But it sounds not own anything.

Then I went on Mackie 24-8 bus (which filtering quality) and finally "all digital" benefits in pro ... (32/16/16) well, it is lighter and so "Swiss army knife" ...

With experience, I would do this choice probably not ... I would direct me to a "current" solution without insert inland, with ch'tite usb output for my home studio ... but these solutions do not exist at prices "public" there's 15 years of it. Now, modularity has rendered me great service ... RIP :-)