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aerato 04/23/2012

Behringer Xenyx 1222FX : aerato's user review

" For what purpose?"

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Supplied with brackets to be Racké in 17 "is a small table with 4 stereo input 12, a 7-band equations and a multi effects processor. 2 to which a dedicated effect and insert the first four lanes


Config very simple, not really need instructions, however, I have looked through. The buttons seem very fragile, limited accuracy, running very short, not parametric, it was just a serious one and a medium acute, and the little equation. Simple to use, it takes up no space and for this type of table, IN / OUT it is benefiting


Transparent, I would not do that, the correction is very inaccurate especially on the edges, the little equation it does its job. Note that it is detachable and it also comes with an option that some view on the frequency leed catching. it is not silly, though for a regular, they recognize the frequencies on the ear but for a beginner this is interesting.
Sound a bit colored but dynamic response and fine, but nothing that blows a little but acceptable. The multi-purpose home or small repeat is sufficient but hey .. effects are predefined and can not just change anything.
I have not test the software supplied with the kit and USB because I did not need, I have the studio for that.


I recently because I took it to a tertiary use. It is only used to allow my artists work at home.
Of table I ais a few so I know I took it for its price and the package shipped for the price.
it sounds, it is very decent for what I expected. for a small group that left the bar or the small repeat, it is sufficient but should not expect big sound, this is not his vocation. This is a handy Swiss knife type which did a lot of thing but has its limits.
For those who works at home is enough for one low price. BUS 2 and at least it would have been nice.
I stay in comparing what is comparable and therefore, at this price, it's like the road and it does what you expect little in this category.