Boss BX-4 4 Channel Stereo Mixer
Boss BX-4 4 Channel Stereo Mixer

BX-4 4 Channel Stereo Mixer, Analog Mixer from Boss in the BX series.

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yoyog 04/21/2004

Boss BX-4 4 Channel Stereo Mixer : yoyog's user review


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4 Mono inputs / 2 inputs Stro. Small headphone plug. 4 Levels, Gain, Panpot, Master Volume. Runs on batteries or AC adapter. No equalizer, no effect levels are contrlables by 2 red LEDs for a left exit, and one for output right. There is no volume for the headphone spar. All other inputs and outputs are standard jack. The minimum, but certified Roland / Boss.


Trs easy to use must still connatre the foundation for internal records. I have never seen the manual, but it should not show much in view of ultra Reduces the size of the table.


There is none of that. It's just a better alternative of doubling last.


Use since 1994. With little hardware, we can do a lot of quality. We are above the splitter and below the mixer. The original report qualitprix n'tait however famous: 1000 Francs! I kept a trs good memories with this little table that was also my 1st. Today, it is inadequate and too small (o is pass the table?). This is a very nice product certification x or y, but if you plug two keyboards Stereo (= 4 entries), a microphone (= 5 entries), two CD players (= 9 input es), a bass guitar (= 10 entries), you multiply the doublers! No, this is the BX-16 that must be well trs. I say "must" because-I have not tested, but I know its technical specifications and the BX-8, All 2 16 or 8 inputs, all.