Cooper Sound Systems, Inc CS 208

CS 208, Analog Mixer from Cooper Sound Systems, Inc.

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soundrecord 05/20/2006

Cooper Sound Systems, Inc CS 208 : soundrecord's user review


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Standard Features:

* 8 modular input channels
* 6 busses-4 & 2 in hand.
* 2 remote rolls (For Nagra, HHB, Fostex & other compatible systems)
* 2 stereo tape returns
* 3 monitor outs (with private line)
Mic preamp * New design - Even lower noise
* 4 high quality analog meters (PPM / VU / Nordic)
* Lower Current Consumption (8-16 W / h)
* Compatible with all quality analog & digital multi-track recorders
* All connectors on front & back panels-fits on rack shelf.
* Jensen transform coupled inputs & outputs for sonic purity and Reliability
* Very flexible output connector configuration
* Highest quality components: P & G faders, Sifam meters, sealed plastic Potentiometers
* All metal chassis with durable weather-resistant anodized coating &, deep image Labeling
* Ergonomically ugly out for maximum convenience & easy operation
* Stereo modules with M / S decoding
* 8 balanced, +4 dBu outputs, pre or post fader, we DSUB25 connector
* Internal AD converters and AES / EBU outputs for the main outs oven


Internal batteries: 12 'D' cells
External DC: 12-24 v
Weight (no batteries): 19 lbs (8.6 kg)
Size: 16.5 "x 15.2" x 5 "(419 x 386 x 127 mm)
THD + N: .003%
EIN (150 ohms 20-20 k): -129.5 dBu
EIN (150 ohms 'A' wt'd): -131.2 dBu

Made in the USA
(Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications Without notice.)

645 Main Street, Suite C
Morro Bay, CA 93442

TEL: (805) 772-1007
FAX: (805) 772-1098


Presentatio very friendly, practical, simple, lisble, you feel the machine designed by users who have made fun and wanted to go to the end of their project in sound and vision with a technical quality and compactness.
everything is under the fingers no menu no handling complicated and all without noise!


Its not clear the transparent pretense or flattery, right there nothing else. the Sonosax but also do much more!

No breath, all open to the bottom one does not hear it!

Slice are straight, with a very powerful eqauilisation


Cooper Sound CS 208 D, a console making its versatile portable (8.6 kg) solid, reliable, friendly, ergonomic and easy to use very well finished.
Electronic components flawless waterproof sealed packaged easily accessible.
Listening right and amplifications without noise, a noise inaudible. the lowest signal to noise of all the current consoles (EIN -131.2 dB A wt d)
I will draw attention to all the little things that make life easier, six analog bus, four main outputs, two auxiliary digital outputs four AES (4 channels 24bit 96kHz), not to mention a parallel output before or after each of the fader 8 channels, including a stereo, three monitoring matrixage to separate supports all SMPTE clocks known, Aaton, AES, etc ...
The assignment of the routing of voice is simple, visual, fast, with the possibility of each phase if necessary, low-cut filter efficient and discreet supply of a powerful equalizer if needed.

Forget the slice Stereo, MS or AB to choose from, a shipment of a private assistant to a particular listening to the director and another for customers, each being individually configurable.
Two remotes start recorders are completed by all.
External power is provided between 12 and 25 Volts and it works internally on 8 LR12 batteries (D cells)
All this high-end electronics is analog (except the A / D converter), with isolation transformers Jensen very judices placed, the whole giving a listening experience that delights the ears, the pinnacle for me to record independently.