Crest Audio HPW-36
Crest Audio HPW-36

HPW-36, Analog Mixer from Crest Audio in the HP series.

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[NAMM] Crest Audio HP-W

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Crest Audio introduces the HP-W professional mixing console, a continuation of its HP-Eight™ Series consoles.

The HP-W is available in 28-, 36- and 44-standard mono input frames, with four full stereo channels, eight mono Automix™ channels (automix is a gain-sharing protocol that allows increased gain before feedback) and two stereo line returns.

The HP-W mixing console features a four-band, double-swept mid EQ, eight analog subgroups, 100 mm faders, two-channel matrix, talkback and monitor systems, eight-scene mute, a stereo ambient mic input and two alternate outputs with processing.

The console also includes 10 aux sends on each input channel with fader flip functions to enable use as a monitor mixer, plus four stereo line input channels with EQ, assignment and aux sends capable of handling dual-mono or split-track signals.

The HP-W is available now from authorized Crest Audio dealers.

Key features :
  • 44, 36 or 28 standard mono input channels.
  • Eight analog subgroups.
  • 10 auxes.
  • Eight mono gain-sharing Automix™ input channels.
  • 11 x 2 matrix.
  • Four fully stereo input channels with assignments that can also handle dual-mono or split- track applications.
  • Two stereo line returns on 60 mm faders with assignment and two aux sends.
  • One stereo ambient mic input with four aux sends.
  • XLR and ¼” connectors on all mono inputs.
  • Individual 48-volt phantom power, mic/line and polarity reverse switches on all mono input channels.
  • Fader Flip function on aux outputs places aux masters on faders in place of groups & L/R.
  • 100 mm faders on mono inputs, auto mix inputs, stereo inputs, groups and separate left, right and mono outputs.
  • Four-band, double-swept mid EQ.
  • Eight microprocessor-controlled mute scenes.
  • Two alternate outputs that can be sourced from L, R, M or matrix outputs (stereo compressor, expander and limiter on both).
  • XLR connectors on aux outputs.
  • Full talkback and monitor systems.
  • Internal power supply with provision for external, redundant supply.
  • Modular input blocks of eights channels for ease of service.
  • Made in the U.S.A..
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