EAA Quest 802
EAA Quest 802

Quest 802, Analog Mixer from EAA.

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ya-lys 02/10/2010

EAA Quest 802 : ya-lys's user review


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in response to aliceinwonderland
This console is very well built and does not pose a problem for the will repair
I have one myself and I change all the opamp TL071 and TL072 opamps ^ by recent
lt1357 kind ad797 OPA134 etc. and sounds even better
I think part of his good lies in the 2 output transformer, small but effective
I use it live too, we regale
at the transformer preamp, I think you can still hear them on some small Radio France / culture, very laid back in the low frequency


yes of course


entrance transparent line Ideal to mix summing


This console would be very good in 16 of the track to live if not huge n'tait