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sylsicien 02/08/2004

Fostex 450 : sylsicien's user review


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For features, it is not rack mountable, has 8 inputs (line 6.35 jack or XLR for microphones with pramplis phantom power supply 48 v inseparable (when you put the phantom power supply, they put it on the 8 slices)) with insert, type in (RCA) and direct out (RCA) on each channel. There is no low-cut filter (that is a shame) but the EQ is pretty good for a shelving treble a semi parametric mid and high for a semi parametric down to medium, which allows equalizer the specter of a large number of instruments, especially when it is even ffective.
100 mm faders that Team crachouilles lightweight on mine (which is even more when in his youth), but it is only when one keys APRS, no sound!
quips the four buses are between a and a rca output that can get effects or directly attack a sound card or quelquonque recorder, which is not even right ngligeable. Each possdent pan and gain. They are sent to the monitor output and the output L R.
the choice of bus is the touch of a button 1 2 or 3 4 and a panoramic
For to it is limited trs 2 dparts STREO and return (it is not enough!) Fortunately, the inserts are! (Even when she has a vocation rather studio)
The first is to 1 or 2 is to post the post
2 headphone outputs with a single volume
PFL and a circuit (it is)


The configuration and functions of simplicity Drout!
I did not have a manual (I bought it used), just a tad so interesting and manual y'en frankly not need it!


The sound is okay trs even a little more than a! so if it's true! For breath, I have absolutely no when I plug my microphone or my synth, however I am a stratomaniac and when you plug the bte and you begin to caress her, as beautiful and pleasant sound or it (amen!)
behind you the whole production line of each harmonic sculptors, trononneurs, hammers on anvils ect ect .... but just in gneral of stratocaster.
so when I transplanted my guitar, I plug my noise reducer and it's perfect!
on the equalizer, I find plutt ffective and we can without too much trouble getting what one wants
it is certain that a 4-band parametric but not I repeat plutt lot!


I work with this table for some years, she is more than enough for my compositions.
it does not really particularity if not for the more it is very simple to use work remains generally plutt own
I am a school where I touch ing his few small tables, and many less well and sometimes even super nice, I've known quite a few festivals Sonoris, but my wallet is not up to my desires, like most musicians in this lower monde.Alors are my needs prevail! I did not do either of comparative testing pushed trs for my needs and acquire only the opportunity to be Submitted. I found plutt treats me with opportunities enough so I bought, I think that we should not pay more than 250 used today
if it is in Excellent State. for the less there is not enough auxiliary rev quickly and we limit the number of entries. it is a good table for a home studio only!