GEM Groove Sound Reinforcement Mixing Console
GEM Groove Sound Reinforcement Mixing Console

Groove Sound Reinforcement Mixing Console, Analog Mixer from GEM.

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jenetjo 09/05/2006

GEM Groove Sound Reinforcement Mixing Console : jenetjo's user review


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GROOVE GEM Sound Reinforcement Mixing Console

Good console rather pleasant to use;

Next feature:
-28 Mono inputs (either microphone or line-by switch) with insert, low-cut filter at 100Hz, preamp, phantom power, equalizer 3-band parametric bass and midrange, 6 the first 1 & 2, pre / post 3 & 4 (per switch) and post 5 & 6, balance, by way of activation switch (on / off), PFL switch with red LED per channel routing switch per channel (RS, 1-2 grp, grp 3-4), long throw fader for volume .
-8 Stereo jack (L, Jack R) switch (on / off), equalizer 2-band high-low, starting at 1 & 2 of the 8 channels by two knobs and then start the 3 & 4 by the same pot of 4 ways and start to 5 & 6 by the same knob on four other routes, routing can to LR or grp 1-2 of 4 tracks and routing to LR or can grp 3-4 on four other channels, PFL switch with red LED per channel, balance, fader small race.
-4 Groups with outputs on XLR routable to switch from LR, balance, PFL switch with red LED per channel, long-stroke trimmer, XLR, insert.
Stereo LR-XLR, long-stroke trimmer, insert.
Mono-output jack, rotary, insert.
In 6-Out Jack in asymmetric, volume 6 for the general, 3-band parametric equalizer on the media for the 1to4, AFL switch with red LED, insert.
Talkback Mic-adjustable gain and volume, routing to LR/grp/aux1 & 2 with 3 switches.
-6 VU meters with bright LED (4 permanent groups and LR show last 2 or PFL / AFL if it is in this case (a red LED if it specifies precisely in this case)).
-External power supply and connection for XLR 5 pin
-All inputs and outputs are on top of the console, so rack-mountable and easily patch (no back to back).


This console is very friendly and versatile.
Ideal for festivals by the number of entries.
It includes functions fairly simple and basic routing of all consoles oriented live.


Level sound quality is pretty good.
The preamps on mono channels are effective.
Equalization side is correct, the parameters can work well and correct the color of sound.


I used the console several times since 4 years.
I really like the number of inputs is very interesting festivals in four or five groups and also the possible routing auxs which is logical enough to handle the return from the front while keeping a place for small effects.
I least exits auxs Jack (PG) not very cool level signal path to precisely manage the returns and also the routing of the micro-order makes little sense when you think (see specifications).

I used another console similar to a concert and I must say that I regretted that choice because it is very familiar to strength and we can do a good job if we are attentive and we decided to exploit it fully.

Level is a good choice price / quality especially with its side by the Argus.

To conclude: good console that can operate out to be successful and have good cover concerts, or even be used in the studio.