Mackie 1604-VLZ3
Mackie 1604-VLZ3

1604-VLZ3, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the VLZ3 series.

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sw80 11/18/2012

Mackie 1604-VLZ3 : sw80's user review

« Great but not portable »

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The 1604-VLZ3 is a beautifully constructed 16 channel mixer that is fully analog. There are 16 mic preamps on this mixer as well. I have used this mixer off and on at the studio for about 3 years now. The preamps are the high point of this mixer. They are very good and give you a high quality sound with any microphone you use with it. The sound will be clean and crisp but at the same time the frequency range is wide giving you lots of warm and full sounding low end for your recordings. At the studio that I use this at, we have it ready to record anything from vocals to recording drum tracks. No matter what you use with it, it gives us a great sound quality.


There was not a set up process involved when setting up this Mackie Mixer. I have used a few other mixers in the VLZ3 series and all of them are pretty good but for some reason I like the 1604 the best and plus the price of it is so affordable you can afford to have it at your home studio to record anything you want.


The EQ section on the 1604 is very good, it surprised me with how in depth you can get with shaping your sound right form this analog board. There are low cut filters pan controls, aux sends and inserts on each individual channel on the 1604.


Overall this is one of the best and most affordable analog mixers that I have ever had the privilege to use. It will be your work horse and handle all of your recordings. The downside is that this mixer is pretty big and heavy for it to be just a 16 track mixer. I don’t see this unit being very portable, which is the reason a lot of people won’t get this type of mixer anymore.