Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ Pro
Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ Pro

SR 24.4 VLZ Pro, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the SR series.

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mitch 01/14/2014

Mackie SR 24.4 VLZ Pro : mitch's user review

«  great console! »

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characteristics: not rackable. The XLR mic inputs are the main outputs (main) are XLR and jack, there is a mono XLR output, everything else jack (bus, effect sends, etc). there are 6 effects sends, 2 pre-fade, 2 pre-or post-fader and post-fader 2. 1 3 band eq with a mid band semi-parametric (frequency is chosen). 4 mono bus (ie two stereo bus) equipped with a small eq to add the "air", treble what. 20 tracks mono and 2 stereo tracks. (21-22 and 23-24) + a talk-back to be sent on the 1 and 2 or the main output. Each slice has a stereo insert jack (stereo input-output) can be used to direct output. Comprehensive so for sound conductor or group or even in the studio.


General Setup could not be easier when you know how to use a table of analog mix. The manual is very complete, it also specifies the cabling to achieve and XLR jacks for connecting. It is relatively compact and has all the functions at hand. However, the wiring to the rear is a bit of a chore, you should go with a headlamp ...


The sound is not quite transparent but very nice. The eq is excellent preamps and not bad at all. Rather quiet and solid, it's Mackie, no hassle on that side.


I used quite a few years in the studio but now I mix in the computer directly. So I am separated but I liked ... (Sic) It took me too much room and is still directed live ... I loved the sound and the small red lights trails. Its look what. But I needed automation. I have fond memories, she still has nickel market. If you trimballez, consider a flight case ...