Mackie SR 32.4
Mackie SR 32.4

SR 32.4, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the SR series.

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vz 08/15/2006

Mackie SR 32.4 : vz's user review


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32 channels (28 mono, line or mic + 2 stereo line), 1 insert per track
True to 6 (2 pre, 2 pre / post, 2 post)
4 stereo sub group
4 sub out
2 master inserts
Equalizer huge, super accurate, Hi, middle and Low semi-parametric, low-cut filter, ...
It's simple, we have everything we want for this type of table.

It's pure analog no effect section.

The inserts of each channel can also be used as direct outs.
This table is no longer manufactured, it is replaced by 32 / 4 VLZ PRO. The only difference at level preamps (VLZ PRO Mackie instead).


Simple for those who have the habit of using this kind of table with all the routing options that go. In short, while ergonomic. One small note: portards are ultra sensitive. To note the settings, it is played in millimeter. You just be careful.
The rear panel is well-organized.
The table is not too large compared to the number of channels offered and can handle alone.
For use in the studio or the stage, there's everything you need but not part of the effect of increasingly fashionable on modern tables.
More specifically for the studio, I quickly appreciated the exit out through the inserts, ultra-convenient and more buses, to, the master, the control room for monitoring, the two headphone outputs. I repeat: There's everything you need!


No, but then no breath.
Équalo part is super efficient.
The table is relatively transparent.
The faders are progressive.
No complaints, the quality is there.

Something significant, the transition is accompanied by a solo break the circuit master gently smooth and vice versa. In listening to headphones, it's good for the ears.


I use it since late July.
OCCAZ purchased for a mixed use studio and live, the table has suffered a bit of climate change. It has not been used for several months, and I think that's the reason I broke down quite surprising. One day, though I do not touch, though it is, half of the table from a spin: over her, the LEDs levels slices thoroughly. This was due to the low quality of the welds between pcb: 15 v supply at the slices were no longer assured. Once rebuilt, everything is back to normal. after a few visits to various forums, I was "reassured" to see that I was not alone and that this problem affected a lot of table in this series (valid for all models). What is strange is that the rest of the components seems to be well made. So if you have problems, I suggest you start there. Anyway, I do not make me too worried to read about the reliability. This is why I only takes 8.

I would do this purchase again. For the money in hand, I do not get any better. I must say that I go to a Fostex 450 (very good restaurant for that matter) that was beginning to give up the ghost after 15 years of service).