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Sly m.c 01/27/2005

Revox C279 : Sly m.c's user review


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Small console rack 19 "Studer / Revox, with 6 slice and true in every pramplis Studer ... imagine the sound!
For each, there are:
<ul> Input / Output
- Symtrique XLR microphone input (food fantme gnrale for 6 slices) with a low cut or not
- A line between mono XLR symtrique
- Between a RCA Stereo assymtrique
- A double RCA output direct assymtrique: one channel is pre-fader and one post-fader
- A switch that allows a slctionner between
- Gain a potart
- Two of potarts eq: an acute and serious, incredibly, was enough!
- Send to a potart with pre or post fader slction
- Balance
- PFL switch
- Fader death </ul>
The master, two outputs: a stro gnrale symtrique XLR and loop assymtrique In Stereo RCA.
Nothing to report more if it is the presence, as on all the Studer, a small speaker in addition to the headphone jack, and a talk-back Intgr (it can be injected into the 'or to the master or two!


Everything is very well screwed. The fact that there have between three and for each one can switch from one another trs simply allows for a max of thing with this little console!


Outstanding! If you want to nitpick, we say that a very small default, which is naturally limits the signal-6db (no audible distortion). Like all potarts fader and VCA are and the quality of components is fatal, it is absolutely silent and prvoir a little more of reserves is sufficient resolve this issue ... A share has nothing to say is ultra damn well everything, and sounds monstrous monstrous home (I RPET, I know). Pt pramps I compare this with those of a beast Avalon VT-737 SP, a D19 and a Studer 961 Studer, a few microphones Difference is the same. The treble of the C279 is a little less beautiful in gnral by against the serious, it pushes all the others: they are incredibly beautiful and trs, trs, trs prcis!


To make the sound trslgre (a + good + converter and drive a mobile youth), there is no better I think !!!!! I've had three months, and I do not sell for anything, I would like to have another even more channels ... One can find on the internet in 1500-200, I can not find a trs expensive for a camera of this quality. I've had a lot of pot, I found 1000 on eBay, and new and more !!!!!
With a little luck you can even find may be her big sister, the Studer A779, which is almost if not more indents of routing capabilities of the auxiliary and direct outputs and the loop is to symtriques (jacks).