Rolls ProMix Plus MX54s
Rolls ProMix Plus MX54s

ProMix Plus MX54s, Analog Mixer from Rolls.

locksgrom 03/07/2009

Rolls ProMix Plus MX54s : locksgrom's user review


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Stereo mixer with XLR inputs 3

2 XLR outputs (transformer isolated so)

There is a 18Volt phantom power so do not work for all microphones (many microphones is powered by the 48 volts so be careful)

dynamics is 87db is fine.

the gain is 60 db and it is possible to settle on the back of the mixer output gain of 14dB to 14dB-

for the high pass filter is a little weakling

She works with two 9-volt battery or sector, thus, very few practice it must change the battery frequently and sector coverage is unusable.
there is no VU or peak meters must therefore do everything in his ear.

there is no reference signal which is inconvenient for calibrating the camera or recorder.


Configuration is very simple.

just a small concern the switch filter and phantom power are impractical for any small and on the side


For breath is clear that AC is not equivalent to a SQN but good considering the price of the preamp mixer that is not a racing machine but it still holds up


It's been a year since I used

it is very easy to use very small.

I already work on SQN 4 S, 442 and mix sound currency first, psc M 4, sign video ENG 44, etc.

it is not comparable with SQN but for its price and as backup mixer is very useful.

the price is very low and equivalent functionality.

I love this mixer is that it is blank with a generator so modulometer 1000 in upstream and a correct calibration plays everything by ear was not too tend to look at the mod or the VU.

what I like least is that there is no mod or reference signal and this time you just played tricks.
In conclusion, Value for money is unbeatable. mixer is the cheapest market