Ross RCS-2402
Ross RCS-2402

RCS-2402, Analog Mixer from Ross.

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wya 03/29/2006

Ross RCS-2402 : wya's user review


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Not rack.

24 channels, 24 XLR input, 2 to
This makes a big table, it is one of his biggest strengths
XLR, Jack and RCA (for the rec outpout)

No effects section, it is the most basic (gain, three tracks by rglages qual ...)
However, using the inserts or groups for effects, compression, trs cel works well.

It has a phantom power. a pfl on each track and overall PFL 2 (R, L)


The same configuration is too simple. it was the bare minimum.
This table does not address the proffessionnels but people seeking a large table of easy to use for live.

The trs focntions are available, the pots are large, there really is room, the readability is clear.

I have no manual and no one would need.


No console is not transparent. it has avoided for the recording studio but the live, I found his a little chalereux. However, it introduces a lightweight empty breath when my 6kilos are strong but nothing Gnant for the live and we do not hear it through headphones, or for the sound.

Yes the qualisers is effective, it must be said that even if it is simple is the only way to rglages which are available, one would INTERESTED longer that usual .


I use it in three months and benefits from a bin on this thing is that this table will never let go.
She goes on benefits benefits without flinching.
I find, however, too simple for the sound but the 24 XLR inputs make it a very useful tool.
and then with the inserts, we dbrouille ...
Yes I worked with a lot of table, it is not a choice but a soundcraft behringer .. I keep my good old Ross made it to Germany.

I consider the report good quality price asser, personal I bought OCCAZ and it allows me to make big benefits and SAVE to buy one day a soundcraft 40 tracks.

With exprience, I do it again without a choice hsiter, 24 XLR inputs as a price, behringer has no hand.
APRS I do not know at the original price but for the era should be a not bad I think ....

Basically, it's the simplest big table that I know to outlaw the studio but trs well for the live or amplified rpeter ....