Studiomaster Club 2000 142
Studiomaster Club 2000 142

Club 2000 142, Analog Mixer from Studiomaster.

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djamon 05/14/2010

Studiomaster Club 2000 142 : djamon's user review

«  It sounds and it's reliable »

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Rackmount console, featuring:
- 10 XLR / line (gain up to 60 dB)
- 2 line inputs Stros (PAD with +4 / -10)
- Eq 3 band (12k, parameter 350-6k, 60) XLR, 2 bands (12k, 45), between lines
- 2 auxiliary (send / return)
- PAN, and button "peak / listen"
- Send / return on hand outs
- Input / output RCA (record / playback)
- Headphone


Nothing could be easier to use, it was my first table and I learned the basics above.


I do not have realized that over the years, but I find Pramper very correct and clear, not a breath, even with lots of gain! It is very clear above the low-end Behringer (which uses BPS).
The qualisation is specific on.

on the other hand I admit that after over 10 years of more or less intensive use, the fader creak a little but a good cleaning and it will be good.


I have for 12 years and I've never had much to complain about, I have everything still works without the disassemble until now. Well we will have the dpoussirer a sudden the interior but from a. .. niquel!
Manipulated with various brands, I think it's very over the top even if Behringer Mackie (this may be a history of taste).
What I like:
+ The Pramper
The fiabilitbr + /> + the quality of its Gnrale
+ Are quite specific on the rglages
What I like least:
- No groups ... but good for so few tracks, is it truly possible ncessaire ...
- Too bad there have not Direct Out, because TWG by calling me in the recording mutlipiste has a configuration remind me a little Different.
Although one can always say some tinkering:)

In short, I will not repeat because of that choice for my budget and models GENERALLY have volumes in 12 years, but I think the best choice c'tait be the era! If you see a chance for a local RPTE or another, is a very good deal!