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jppineau 06/03/2008

Tascam M-3700 : jppineau's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
For the era, this console comes from the silent comparable ADATs in the recording industry, while these caratristiques n'taient not available at the 5th of the price! THE FIRST unit I acquired is important for Canada and I have to change the same software (on Chip) twice! 68 between handsets, with automation of the 32 VCA master faders, bus and master more of mutes on all functions and dparts effects. We are in 1991 if I remember correctly ... and I retired from the scne to live my compositions and to help other artists merge. I had the comfort of the big consoles, low price ... and it was my best purchase!

APRS a difficult birth which saw TASCAM redraw shmas of grounding, in particular, under a noise from the computer included in the console, the M3700 has rvle reliable use and APRS 17 years of cohabitation, it is still part of my setup, despite the introduction of computers all azimuth. Aside from the LED SUVs, which have made me (the console is still lit almost continuously for 17 years ...), no component will balk effort and everything works as day # 1. If I have sacrificed the British EQ, I won Fawn incredible reliability. Not one of the Soundcraft era, any more than amricaine in this price range, would also rsist beautifully!


This is an in-line console that has the possibility to route its subgroups of dparts effects in automation, by reducing them in the matrix-General for the console. This silent gniale an innovation for the era. With this number of entries, I've done sessions extremely dense and meet the demands of the most bizarre of my clients, because there are ways to configure the M3700, no matter the application. I mix 32 tracks converted Lightpipe I also posted a set of modules and synths on another GigaStudio Puter ... and I still have some free tickets! :-)

If today I reduce my dream facility, and a console numrique to simplify the setup, I confess I have difficulty rsigner dpartir me this tool yet adquate trs. In addition, the M3700 can be used as surface CONTRL for my DAWs, since it uses MIDI ... C'tait 9 years before we consider market such attributes (!!!!!!!!!)

Now I use far less automation, or almost. on the other hand, it's always a good cutting board, and with the proliferation of studios pockets and gradual ERADICATION Majors, the console retains its appeal in production.


The EQ is Japanese ... I have learned to accommodate me and, by superimposing the curves, one can find a bit of shine UK. These are all the same, the semi-EQ Settings, then the arrival of the plugins has a t complment apprci sure, and has allowed me to bring the Outboard Gear to a minimum. ! On the other hand, the crosstalk is relatively high between adjacent channels and it affects some fields the stro, perceptually. The fact remains that this is not an SSL, but I never complain about it, the price helps console me! Also, 68 between the gain staging is always critical when there is almost kilomtre reread the setup of cables ...

Obviously, it is a console that opre-10db in the constraints it imposes. Good headroom, however, and the master section with a clip forgive normment 18 ...

I always regret not having bought the ... Full Meter Bridge but he was selling a fortune vritable era, $ 1800 for prcis be more ... and did not add my capacity of production or the quality of the whole.

The automation application embeds a little practice and the addition of software for MAC JLCooper helped make things less ... abstract (no moving faders, friends ...). on the other hand, if ever a problem occurs mcanique (static on a fader in particular ...), you can always manually switch VCA and is played around with over parasite (all of the same rare . It is a quiet assurance.


17 years ... and he did not lack a tooth, a few erraflures on the armrests, courtesy of an employee ngligent too. Otherwise, the M3700 has allowed me to sell my music to large agencies, the Canadian network of tl and never let me down. so I could deliver my orders without a hitch or ppin its done. Aside from my U-87 (1969), remains a better buy my life and it always makes an impact on beef customers who have almost lost the habit of a production studio to look analog.

If I give it a 9 ... it's just to account for the high-end market which means I do not allow me to aid me accder but wipe comptiteurs many who have now closed . I've got VCU music and my family thanks in part prospr this console.

PS: TASCAM consoles are not all these scabs ... The M3700 is an exception for those years.