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Sebliloo 11/05/2004

Tascam M-520 : Sebliloo's user review


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Inline Console 20 votes, with voices by:

Between line
between microphone with switchable power supply 48v,
Direct Out, and return magnto insert (dpart / return).

Routing on the 8 bus
3 eq semi-parmtriques
phase inversion
attnuateur 30dB

micro-order (!) and return to mixer magnto (for costs without touching the main faders).

home faders are Penny & Gilles, but I think it's not original.
CHARACTERISTICS veil for is a 20 / 8 to 4. classic


The rgonomie I think is perfect, the console is clear trs,
I personally have the manual that you can not complete (There's even the Schma intgral console)

more photos here:


Then it is a analog, not photo, the very first time I have cost you, a couple with a 16-track analog magnto, I die for!
it's round, it's hot, it's good!
The pramps are rather good, transparent, with a gain plenty.
well ... yes, a breath, we can not have everything! but with the reserve of dynamic is doing well.


I have a few months,
the weak point is the Cinch connectors everywhere, has forced me a good fifty resoldered Cables ... but there are things many think at the same time as the main outputs doubles for example.
That's my opinion a very good deal, we see immediately that we are dealing a pro machine, it also crosses more often in "small" studio pros as in-home studios.

Go I put 9 because of the connection, and Do not hesitate to ask me questions if necessary.