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Unit Audio New Unit

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Unit Audio New Unit
News Unit Audio New Unit

Analog Mixer from Unit Audio

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Unit Audio now offers the New Unit 16 x 2 analog summing mixer.

The New Unit features 16 channels of actual physical Analog Summing.


The Unit Audio mixers are designed to add back “some the sparkle and punch of analog recording that is so often missing in a purely “in the box” mix.”





Check out www.untitaudio.com for more details.

  • DietzDD 3 posts
    New AFfiliate
    Posted on 10/10/2012 at 07:13:40
    Mix Magazine just did a review on this. They mixed in the box then combined those stems together using the Pro Tools mixer, the software mixer in Harrison’s Mixbus DAW, the UNIT, and two analog consoles (SSL 4000E and an API Legacy Plus), with faders set at 0 dB VU.

    The Verdict
    When it comes down to it, summing outside of the box is undeniably popular, and
    engineers are looking for that sound. Some passive summers, like the Shadow Hills
    Equinox include the makeup gain pre-amplifier which drives up the cost significantly.
    Meanwhile, the UNIT is about a third of the price of the ROLL Folcrom, and does the
    same thing, minus some unnecessary routing switches. While this product is not going
    to be as clean as an active summing amp, it does provide an interesting sound, which,
    for many musical applications may be just the kind of thing you are looking for. Certainly
    it is a different character than a mathematic mixer, and if your mixes are stuck in a rut,
    this might be just the thing to help you think outside of the box.

    Read the entire review at Mix Magazine: http://bit.ly/UnitMix

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