Yamaha FM804
Yamaha FM804

FM804, Analog Mixer from Yamaha.

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yoTrakkz 10/28/2011

Yamaha FM804 : yoTrakkz's user review

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The Yamaha FM08 is a great mixer with many extra features that are not on competing mixers costing twice the price. The quality is good, not quite as good as an Allen and Heath, but it costs a lot less. I it is very easy to use and has very good effects. I will definitely consider another Yamaha for my next mixer. Note that the compression is a great and useful feature, but it never going to be as good as a higher end compression feature.


Dual effects, compression, and eq all sound really good and their easy to use. this product looks and feels solid, i don't anticipate any problems especially since it's a Yamaha. I’ve only been using it for rehearsal but i can hear that it has great sound quality and plenty of power for live gigs. since i mostly play small to medium size clubs and parties,i know it has plenty of power for my purposes. it also has technology such as automatic feedback reduction and automated eq controls that help to get a good stable sound quick.


No Hiss, great sounds.


This is a quality product add some quality 500 speakers, insert your sound source lines, set your levels and you are ready for action. Economy price for quality power mixer. Vocals can be get crowded adjust for levels. It is very clean, feedback is easy to control if and when it happens, graphic EQ on mains out works like a charm, slide faders smooth. Effects are nice and useful not out of this world or messy. I am pleased with this purchase. I hope its reliability will hold to the Yamaha reputation. If you are looking for a powered mixer that is reasonably priced, this is a really good choice. You will love this mixer after you purchase it, the price is pretty good too and its vintage. I recommend it.