Yamaha MG12/4FX
Yamaha MG12/4FX

MG12/4FX, Analog Mixer from Yamaha in the MG FX series.

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Broadcast 12/27/2004

Yamaha MG12/4FX : Broadcast's user review


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It is a console well enough over the whole (sheet CORD lockable jack mtallique, pots of quality,). Not function if it is an extraordinary multi-fx with Intgr rinjection on to an often ddi to monitoring, it is switchable PrPost.
I have AIM channels 5 / 6 and 7 / 8 used both in mono XLR Jack Stro with adjustable gain.
There are many sr all the traditional functions of small competing consoles: phantom, 2TR, small subgroup assignable to master, and so on.


Configuration ergonomic handling of pots and buttons is not a toothpick like some small console, only the illuminated buttons are a bit too long blinding.
Note an instructive manual for more nophyte of homeowners.


AIE! o is the plot thickens despite a pre-amp of good quality of sound is faster ALTR with an S / B I got too lev.
In home studio, forget the corrections that enhances Avoid noise and also too open to gain. When the multi-fx to be called mono-fx since only the type hall is used, it will rev well to simulate the sound of the sea tempt SHSHSHSHSH see! However it remains INTERESTED live.
Attention also important crosstalk between channels.


This console will find a place in local rptition or caf-concert. For a novelty was expected YAMAHA better, in short it does not really dmarque of competing for a prize lgrement suprieur, shame!