Clavia Nord Modular
Clavia Nord Modular

Nord Modular, Analog Modeling Synth from Clavia in the Nord Modular series.

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User/bob 08/19/2002

Clavia Nord Modular : User/bob's user review


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Synthtiseur modlisation analog modular
patchable through software (Mac / PC)
programmable mode.
April 16 voice polyphony 4 shares multitimbral (4 slots).
2 octave keyboard 18 potentiomtre assignable.
4 analog outputs, 2 analog inputs (18 bit converters) 1 between pedals expression 1 1 MIDI OUT MIDI IN, OUT 1PC IN 1 PC.
Keyboard a bit cheap, no pitchbend or modulation wheel ...
This is surely a handicap which will require the selection of the expander number of users,
for me too I mainly use the knobs (good quality and to modulate the keyboard to the dclencher vnements.


Installing the software is simple and hassle free on my PC (Pentium 200 - 64MB)
Has the dtection problmatique and unstable with certain interfaces (MIDI PC FLYER)
It does however instantly with the MIDI port of my Turtle Beach Tropez.
The use of soft do me any possible problem (J'tais just introduced to the analog modular system)
The Manual is not trspdagogique trs decription. I could never obtenier the French version for Systm 3.


The convertos do not seem dgueux, although I finally little exprience to judge
Gnral sound is good although a little surgical, when it seems to me to have the same personality (Clavia what)
presets are blah and especially do refltent absolutely not the power of the System.


It's simple, it is the heart of my System. This machine is simply ds dmoniaque it's not to like everyone else: This is Intrets of modular, since it can easily s'chapper trs known structures (filter-amplifier oscilloscope's + ca & lfo's) But this makes it challenging trs. It takes a lot of work and express rflexion for her what you want. This Representative for me Intrets major modular which can be viewed as a standalone machine (+ effects & mixer). It is prprogramme with the computer home and it takes a minimum scne. Whereas therefore outside the purely aural (sound of the machine can not appeal) is an excellent machine make sounds, as long as we want to bother.

Suggestions: Use to treat the entries of the sampler loops, patches CRER gnratifs ...

There's something to spend a few sleepless nights.