Clavia Nord Lead 3
Clavia Nord Lead 3

Nord Lead 3, Analog Modeling Synth from Clavia in the Nord Lead series.

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.aï 08/07/2003

Clavia Nord Lead 3 : .aï's user review


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VA synthesizer, touch sensitive keys 48 and after touch,
pitch stick (very practical) + modulation wheel assignable to any parameter in the facade (morph group)
4 output audio jack, no audio inputs
2 pedal inputs (sustain and expression)
analog modeling synthesis, subtractive synthesis and FM simplified, no effect
20 voice polyphony
4-way multitimbral.


Editing is very simple, a model of its kind. All parameters are displayed on the facade. A button = one function.
Rotary potentiometers his endless, and led a series of shows around its position, far dêtre a gadget, you see the exact configuration of the sound even when you change patches. Display values ​​in real units on the screen (eg in Hz for a filter, an envelope in ms).

The manual is very clear (and almost useless except for a little more complex functions such as setting noon, output assignment, ...), only downside, I did not manage to get it in French, so must have a minimum knowledge of English.


Great sound, well brilliant. perfect for the lead, tablecloths, ... against by a little less good for bass.
The parameter provides detune sounds very large and very fat.
The synthesis is quite complete, many things are possible, including some FM (up to 4 operators).
The filters are sufficiently numerous and really very good.
For the rest: 2 LFO modulation matrix, 2 + 1 envelopes Envelope / LFO modulation matrix ...

An interesting feature of Nord Lead is the 4 morph groups, which allow one to support her. Each morph group is not assigned several variations of parameters, which are modified according to the type of morph group (velocity, tone, aftertouch, mod wheel). This provides sound expressively rich enough.

the -

No audio input.
No effect (but it happens).
It is quite difficult to ring in the synth bass, and it takes a little work for bass sounds.


I use it for a year. I said that it was my first real synthesizer.
I love the sound of this synth, very clear and soft, but can be either dirty or aggressive.
One of the great strengths is probably its interface (may be the best?), One can spend hours fiddling a sound, there's no fetching in menus, submenus ...

It may be a bit expensive, but I do not regret at all, I would do this choice without hesitation.