Clavia Nord Lead 4
Clavia Nord Lead 4

Nord Lead 4, Analog Modeling Synth from Clavia in the Nord Lead series.

Bertoto 05/20/2014

Clavia Nord Lead 4 : Bertoto's user review

«  Little big synth »

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I do not believe that the characteristics are those of a good virtual analog to share this unfortunate lack of after touch and keyboard not very accurate and a bit slippery, so I did not have in mind a possible subsequent resale I spend at least the black keys with an abrasive to roughen a bit.

We regret of course the knobs to LED necklaces if ergonomic but do not dream too, for cost reasons they are unlikely to return one day.
At most, I hope one day will decide to offer North editing software that will allow you to view and tweak its settings quietly at home on computer which does not prevent to play without cluttering available. ( ah ..... G2)
Ease to implement the morphing by the wheel and the velocity is faithful to the North and ergonomics practices morph impulse buttons great.
The Mutator function I do not use it, I generally prefer to control where I want to go but it may be wrong


The general config is pretty intuitive but I'm one of the few priori to read manuals!
Press the copy button by turning a knob to observe a setting without changing it's hard to find by itself and yet convenient
Mde is well done and presents the basics of subtractive synthesis which is a good effort, beginners it still exists ....


Sound, essential and it is well! And in many styles of music.

Do not settle for factory programs to consider as more samples of possibilities, the ideal is to do it yourself but its sound is a bit long and not so easy if you want it to sound pro (because yes it can sound downright pro)

So in the meantime, those who want reassurance about the ability of the Nord Lead 4 to make nice large and deep pads find their happiness with the bank performance Nick Jarl and James Wiltshire of the Freemasons.
This mode performance can group 4 slots programs can sound really big. The trick is to use a slot on both the reverb and delay on the two, thereby circumventing the inability to use the two at the same time in the same program.
Other effects which Talk1 and2 are not bad at first but a little light can not imagine that you will sound like Daft Punk. The Crush is really not up to par.
As often with North was a bit like cheated with the release of North A1 it has real nice effects actually used (and cheaper too!)
Personally I plug my pedals to compensate for these absences but the philosophy of North machines is more oriented all in one which is convenient to turn.
Question reaction velocity I do not know what to say definitively, it is not essential to this kind of instrument. there is a funny program Ake Danielson which mimics the DX7 Rhodes immitant it sounds really good, but on the condition type as deaf in his right hand! and if we change the velocity settings it no longer sounds, digging ....

All sounds are nice hot trend analog FM cold.

In general I prefer the beautiful lower register and upper register his grave a little "acid" medium.

My main regret is not having a keyboard track more progressive, I often have difficulties despite the 4 possible settings with the treble is too deaf or too bright.

I would also like to be able to adjust the width of the pulse wave gradually manually and not just by the LFO or the Wheel.


I use it for 6 months and discover more and more the great possibilities, I programmed some sounds which I am delighted, but it is easy for "fun", get something playable with the big sound demand still a lot of time and attention because in performence user can have up to 8 oscilloscope to manage.
I am not a specialist synths I had a modular analog Korg Juno, DX7 and a lot of synths. I also have the extra North Stage2 synth.

In summary a great little synth, a bit pricey though if we relativize with everything offered by the G2 there 10 years.