Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

Ludovic Foustoul 10/02/2012

Korg microKORG : Ludovic Foustoul's user review

«  I love it and know it by heart »

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Features are visible on other opinions :)


Because many opinions have already been given, I'll just explain how I use it :)

The sound editing is really simple, no submenus more annoying each other.
Without going into too much detail, we realize that this keyboard is very easy to use if only one is given a minimum bother to read the small manual very well explained.
To summarize: two large knobs that select the parameter to modify (eg filter) and 5 potentiometers that alter the parameter (eg, cutoff, resonance, etc..) And all parameters are clearly written on the front of MK. Note the presence of a small lamp called "Original Value" that lights up when you turn the knob on the original value, very useful in case of bad manipulation. This is for the simple part. If you want to make things worse it is clear on the MK 3 sections patches very interesting. They can adjust the sound according to the LFO, the Filter EG, Amp EG, etc.. just like the big synths of yesteryear. Side effects of base: phaser (excellent), flange, delay, together.


Sounds really suit all styles of electronic music with a very good emulation of vintage sounds.
Velocity is not against not his strong point.
Side effects phaser is really the best of all, the flanger should be reviewed on the other hand (too much bass, muffled sound).
One thing is certain sounds are very hot, we start to laugh saying "a small creature that sends terribly"
The best is yet to test it (as all keyboards) because after all it is a matter of taste.

A few years ago I was challenged to take Oxygen 4 Jean Michel Jarre solely on the keyboard (except for the rhythm) and without external effects, here is the result: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ 8dynftbn2l1oyq7/Oxyg% C3% A8ne% 204.mp3
Note that I have improved since some sounds but I have not had time to re-register.


I use it for 8 years and this is my little favorite with Nordlead 2.

I immediately bought because there is also a vocoder (I never used ironically), it is really big, big sound, very hot (I sometimes reproach him for being too hot) and a price more than correct.

With the experience I not only remake that choice and I intend to keep for years.