Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

-Liam- 04/05/2011

Korg microKORG : -Liam-'s user review

«  Damn powerful »

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Given the size characteristics of the beast is rather impressive: 5 octaves, 128 sounds in 7 banks (for a vocoder), 5 pitches effects, 4 of polyphony (a problem for some ... it is me) , the sounds are editable in abundance even though I never really used the edition. Jack connector, MIDI.


Must distinguish two things: basic sounds, and editing sounds. The basic sounds are super customizable (128 anyway) and can be modulated at will thanks to the knobs of effect (time, distortion, delay), so that with one basic sound, you can end up with lots of different outcomes: change in the octave, bass distortion (or not), Arpegiator or not, etc. ... the possibilities are almost endless.
So I almost never published any sound with MK. Editing is very powerful but does not look super intuitive, yet the manual is very comprehensive, so I think that immersing herself in it should.


Ah sounds side there is everything! Since the old "organ" type Mario Bros. to the lower layers of super fat sounding a little "justice", there is something for everyone, or almost. There are even strings, which delighted me, suddenly after some sweats on big bass you can relax in sending super soft flat sheets. Covered the spectrum of sounds is still very wide.


I use it for a year now.
This is my first synth, I had only played on a large Yamaha synth before.
The possibilities are enormous MK. Just by fiddling the basic sounds, you get to crazy stuff (I do), so if you have more faith in you start editing, count your sleepless nights.
It has a power unexpected given its size, some sounds are sending very heavy.
The quality / price ratio is I think one of the best on the market. For less than 400 € you have a real instrument capable of anything as long as you pat out the correct sound tame.
Polyphony is limited to 4 layers for that annoying melody (and yet, I can already make very nice and deep aquifers), otherwise the bass sounds heavy and serious slicks are so powerful that it is more than enough .

I would do without hesitation that choice, I think even with many other synths in the home studio, MK still has a place of choice.