Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

HanHuman 05/05/2011

Korg microKORG : HanHuman's user review

«  Can go very far »

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4 notes max polyphony has not forgotten


Quickly through the main button and the 16 banks by categories (2x8) is accessed by a panel more or less interesting sounds. While some may have little interest at first, it nevertheless remain a base from which to adjustments.
If we focus on these orders and 5 other knobs on the top right. The use could not be more simple and extremely intuitive. There are already really what to do especially if one adds its own external effects already mastered so well. I think they have managed to make good thick bass and good textures. It remains an analog simulator and not a "pure analog" but for me it is good (my opinion). For after effects, and there is a package, the instructions needed to quickly learn a bit or are put off. I am very far from having been around and almost every time I have some good surprises.


It's good to know before any use to which you want to earmark this keyboard.
Jle is very good, and that's why I took him to create sounds, fx, tablecloths, etc. melodies. I do not want to speculate but the velocity does not mark me, er y 'has a ...? As I often find good to see which group is using this stuff, for what purpose ... and especially some youtube videos are a little démistifier everything.


Buy a y 'years may close.
Not really tried other similar before but peel off the net like crazy for me the idea as precisely as possible.
The principle of 'plug and play, versatile, small, powerful, focused and vintage vocoder (yeah it can be fun) I do not regret anything.
Value for money I would say OK. Must be a price eh?