Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

moosers 02/26/2009

Korg microKORG : moosers's user review


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The Korg MicroKorg is a three octave synth with a huge variety of uses. It has pitch and modulation wheels, as well as a built in vocoder and a 1/4 inch output to send the signal to your amp. The synth has all different types of lead synth sounds, pads, and just about every synth sound under the sun. It can be monophonic or polyphonic and also has a 1/4 inch output for a sustain pedal.


Using the Korg MicroKorg definitely takes a bit of practice and getting used to as it has so many different types of sounds and an incredible amount of parameters to control these sounds. You can use their presets, alter them, or create your own. The manual for this is complete and clear and is worth having around when you are learning this synth, as you never know when you might need it.


The Korg MicroKorg has enough different synth sounds to cover just about any genre, but I use it mostly for pop music. The synth sounds are realistic and extremely varied. The vocoder is awesome and almost worth the price of this alone. I also love the arpeggiator as it makes for some truly awesome sounds. The touch of the keys is accurate, but I really wish that it had full keys, as it can be hard to play with such small keys. Since it has such small keys, it is really suited best for playing single hand lead synth lines.


I've been using the Korg MicroKorg for about three years and I have found it to be a great overall synthesizer for getting really synth like sounds. The price is reasonable for such a versatile unit, and it has become quite a popular synth as I've seen it used all over the place. Its great in the studio, or in a live setting as it has a wide variety of sounds and effects. If the keys were normal size, this synth would be a knockout, but the small keys can make it somewhat hard to play if you are not used to it. The MicroKorg is worth a look for any keyboard player looking for a cheap way to get great synth sounds.