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Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

Analog Modeling Synth from Korg belonging to the micro series.

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linn134 linn134
Publié le 09/24/07 à 20:00
Dwarf keyboard set up to enrich an already full of stuff.
Nothing but basic in miniature.


Well, editing is not the most user-friendly: it's "way analog" but less generous.
Basically it's not bad but could be much more enjoyable.


I had this little (pokey) along with a synth Poly800, an EX8000 and Monopoly (to name only the Korg to compare). Obviously the MicroKorg does not head to the trio, or in terms of maneuverability (even if the EX is a horror to program) or in terms of sound. No wonder it's modeling. But it has some advantages: more portable than the already light Poly800, with a vocoder if it's anecdotal and especially enough "cute" compared to these big machines spotty.

Filtering is terribly cheap, the keyboard is used only for decoration or for fun programming patches ... the fault list is long! At the time I had paid a high price, close to 600 euros if I remember correctly.

Sounds "80's typed" are to flee because they do not reflect the potential of the machine and will laugh out loud to anyone having even the analog nase. But it is capable of some hot sounds, including bass and ground (without abusing the limited polyphony) not disgusting.


This little machine is fun and makes a lot of things.
It's not really the synth that I recommend to a beginner, even if it is simple. Simply to its limits and its tendency to play the "analog". It is a machine with his funny yet cradingue vocoder and filter that can become interesting for its weakness.

It's the whole point of the machine: it is not really good and is a good complement when you turn from their regular duties. The arpeggiator will be perfect for making mini-movies with percussive sounds vague, not enough to make the foundation for a tube but add some gimmicks for cheap.

This is not a machine with tubes, not the best synthesis module to support a groovebox, unless they play the minimalist ... But it is engaging and will give all its juice used in the synthesis. With a good chorus pedal back, it quickly becomes a slaughter, but not where you would expect.

Absolutely not essential as a synth, it is nonetheless representative of what is done for almost a decade in the small world of synthesis: from cheap compact to carry. Everybody has, but only the best will push the right places.

I did not keep very long. I preferred his cousin (distant and virtual) the Legacy Cell: there are big because of synthesis.

In short: small, friendly, but not to be taken seriously. Torturing it, filter it, put it in the pedals for guitar and you have a synth capable of dwarf cool stuff.