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Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

Analog Modeling Synth from Korg belonging to the micro series.

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vanpet vanpet
Publié le 09/13/07 à 09:19
Touches on three octaves, almost unplayable, so controlled by another master keyboard.

Polyphony 3 or 4 way I think, but divided by two for the complex sounds that use a layer.


The limited edition of sounds is not the synth I use the software.

The manual is fairly clear, say 80% clear. I sometimes use the forums to better understand the editing sounds.


I like the sound, good bass. Perfect for electronica. Not at all realistic, otherwise it's subtractive, not samples.

The effects are somewhat nazes I prfre program sounds "pure" and go through some VST effective.

The vocoder is cool! Trs intuitive to use, but less versatile than some VST.


For the price, I think it's good. I would do this choice because it's my first (and only) hardware synth, and it fulfilled its function as a tool to do everything (bass, lead, tablecloths, effects). I like her look a bit 80's video-game

I think this is the synth that all amateurs, as it is by far the cheapest. therefore, may have similar sounds trs: take the trouble to edit or even to use the beast in every corner. There are ways to do good things.