Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

RickD 11/18/2006

Korg microKORG : RickD's user review


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A button can also pitch without limitation in number of octaves and range of scores is enormous, but know that in the extreme it sounds serious way ...

Line In jack on 6.4 but I do not know if it is symmetric, I do not think, gain setting. I have not tested but it helps, I think, to move any source through the filters of the beast. This should be pretty interesting.
Mini microphone input jack, which is downright annoying, but I do not know if it is symmetric or just stereo. Input gain. An LED illuminates when a signal between the micro channel, and changes color depending on the level.

Everything is on 6.4 and not on jack RCA / Cinch like a lot of synths.

Polyphony is only 4 lanes, which is not fair, anyway, and I think he is bi-timbral.


I have this keyboard for 6 days and I only used 2 times, to test the presets and tweaking knobs a bit. Note that I am a pianist and guitarist, I really do not play a keyboard. I have an electronic keyboard (Yamaha PSR-90, an infamous unnamed dating from 1982 whose only interests are the rhythms kitsh fun and function ultra-simple programming on drums, whose sound is not bad I think, relatively uncommon and almost hot) but it does not change the sounds, it's not a synth.
I have not edited the sounds other than with the rotary screen printing, but the keyboard suggests that extensive editing is possible.
I have not read the manual for now.


I am of melodic pop. Let me explain: I believe virtually everything that moves to the FM radio, on MTV and MCM, is shit without a name, devoid of melody. The "songs" occupying our airwaves are usurped, predictable, flat, monotonous, predictable. So I'm open to music because I demand more than mediocrity. Indulge in complacency would be a sign of confinement and would mark a failure to appreciate real melodies. This is to establish a bit of background about what I do. I am presumptuous enough to think and say that I write melodies.

This synth has multiple filters are powerful enough, the arpeggiator is a bit limited, I think, but the possibilities in terms of sounds are absolutely huge. From a single preset, you can create many sounds very distant from each other. Smooth, aggressiveness, simplicity, complexity, the choice is yours. It may take some experimentation to find the sound you need, but if you do not find it, it's your fault. Be careful, this synth is a real synth. This is not a thing that reads samples of flute or piano, so if you want the effect piano bar in the suburbs, will have to move to a very different range.

The keyboard has a touch sensitive, it seems. I did not feel much pressure sensitive keys, but this is probably based on the sounds and their parameters.


I think a good sound can give life to a simplistic riff, and confer a power of attraction to a pretty rotten song, easily. In short, I think there are ways to make money with this keyboard, if they have other stuff to do the rest behind. I bought an MC-303 the same day. I think the two combined can make a killing.

I have played with this new toy that twice so I can not say more for now.
Overall, I am confident with my purchase because the possibilities are enormous and the sound too. It sounds out right away, without going through the menus at the con, and without using the mouse and pc ... just for this, it is a pleasure.