Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

Ouafman 01/04/2011

Korg microKORG : Ouafman's user review

«  playing in the big leagues! »

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* What type of keyboard? How many octaves? : An analog modeling synthesizer with 37 "MiniTouch", 3 octaves (octave shift buttons + 2 Up and Down)

* How many sound effects? What styles? Are they edited? : 8 banks of presets divided into the styles Trance, Techno / House, Electronica, Drum and Bass / Break Beat, Hip Hop / Vintage, Retro, SE / Hit, Vocoder. All sounds are fully editable and it is of course possible to create sounds from A to Z

* What controllers? : A modulation wheel, a pitch bend and 5 knobs to control the cutoff, resonance, attack time, duration of missing a note and tempo.

* What connections? : 2 connectors Left and Right output jacks, a headphone connection, 2 connections for the vocoder microphone, a connector line to modulate an audio source thanks to microkorg, 3 MIDI IN, THROUGH and OUT
No USB connectivity

* What is polyphony? : 4 notes of polyphony


* The configuration is simple? : Very simple, there is a big center button that you turn to select the desired sound bank, sound editing is also done with two buttons that can turn opportunities for selected ect ...

* The manual is clear and sufficient? : The manual is clear, complete, it separates fairly quickly once you start to take the machine in hand.

* Editing of sounds and effects is easy? : I find it quite intuitive, especially for someone who wants to start in sound synthesis, we come easily to get sounds very correct in the beginning, then when we begin to explore a little research it is possible to obtain sound very interesting, powerful (the bass can be very nasty!)


* The sounds they are suitable to your style of music? : Yes, I produce electronic music under various influences (New Wave, Break Beat, Industrial, house, ect ...) the variety of banks suits me perfectly, the presets are not ridiculous and clearly illustrate the capabilities of the machine.

* The expression is good? : It is rather good, although I understand that some people do not appreciate the small touches, but with rather small hands it does not bother me at all! keyboard responds well to velocity, as one can play pianissimo fortissimo. I find the feel of the keyboard rather pleasant, but other people will not like, it's really a matter of taste on that front.


* For how long have you been using it? : 1 years

* Have you tried other models before buying it? : In its category, not

What is so special that you like best? : Sounds! low round or completely distorted, clear highs or downright violent! I find the neat and it looks very nice, he recalled the good old analog with its wooden panels on the side!

* Fewest: the polyphony of only 4 channels! the vocoder, which is quite fun but is somewhat limited.

* What is your opinion about the value for the price? : Really good! is a machine that looks like a toy that really in the belly! it can be found in nine between 250 and 400 euros, and for that price, given the performance microkorg you can buy with your eyes closed ...

* With experience you do again this election? : Absolutely! A small