Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

amlain 07/07/2005

Korg microKORG : amlain's user review


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Commenons the keyboard: it is cheap, it's mini keys, a incovenient to play chords and play court.Le tt is very touching way, the keyboard is plain scred.Pour far as it contolleurs y'en only 4, and yes even the pa is an advantage, the synth is the pa tt intuitive, comparing a northern access or lead you comprendrez.La modulation becomes very boring very quickly because you have to turn a kind of large install button in the middle of louse S1T GO o various parameters of the pa tt s1t.En clear intuitive, it sucks losing sy .... For ki is the connection c is the normal one finds that in the tt S1T the most mediocre, ie a stereo out, midi in and out through (c pa mal ca!) and of course the pedal to meow meow chi chi wha wha . So in total there are 112 sounds true (I say this because the manufacturer ke di kil y'en 127) very general and pe mm pa too because we say it is a S1T cela.A do this or indeed on pe do anything with a sy hand to hand in modulation ... and more! 5 effects, ms you have to want them: for it is so counterintuitive that it requires a effort to put an effet.Les effects: Delay (very aproximation) Flanger (Yeah), all (sucks), Phaser (that is the wrong pa) and distortion (almost not found and in addition it is zero). In plain oblivion effects on micro korg! Sounds st all editable, ms it will delete them from the factory, because there is little memory TElement ds .... this S1T Utility pc? your dreams! Moving! While polyphony ..... Ha ha ha ha ha, 4 maximum and most clear is a good monophonique.En foutage of mouth in your agreements korg.Oubli .....


The use is really bad, honestly, not intuitive, it will be very tired vite.L 'edition of the effects are difficult s1ple ms accesible, here or is this probleme.Pou ki is the manual, it is clear ms is good relativas is nothing complex in this sinth


At broadly the sounds it's going to Trance to hip hop, ms is the koi ds nimporte sense kil nya ke 112 sounds! Ok for S1T General MS FAU k'il ensures behind in the amount of program. ... The sounds are realistic pa, and we ve qd S1T one seeks a realistic, if not we will buy real instrument, we are talking about electro! For ki is the quality of sound, c ' pa is wrong they are big enough and warm personality ms n'on pa at home ... S1T some effects are too coarse to be effective in utilisils have a session for a live pa ms studio.En conclusion there are 10 sounds used on the 112 because there's a lot of pa dance!! Ms st bass sounds good, I wish to precise this unique advantage!


I use it for a year and a half and I think ke if I had known, I will have it before tournament pa koi achetcomme ask you !!!!) The particular feature I like most about this S1T ds c bass sounds are really good and then the price k'est pa mal! The report price is average quality, albeit it very expensive vau pa ms S1T this is useless if you do a avz pa other! A koi good buy then! Council: Economy and purchased bomb fill you full ca .....