Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

RicoPulse 02/22/2005

Korg microKORG : RicoPulse's user review


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Submitted to the MicroKorg in the form of a keypad of three octaves (mini keys) the VLOC sensitive. Pitch and modulation are Submitted, but no connector on the other hand pedals (sustain, switch, ...) has t Pipelines Limited. In addition to the usual trio twelve o'clock, you will find two entries mono (mic and line level) and a Stereo output and a headphone jack. For the vocoder, a proper quality microphone is provided, however, his attention to apparent fragility.
128 sounds are Fully reprogrammable Intgr of origin, which will be called using the control panel, or free software (PC and Mac) provided tl Korg loading. As polyphony, 4 notes is limited, and none is multitimbral mode.


The implementation of MicroKorg is speed. Its ergonomics are far from being excellent, but who takes the time to immerse themselves in principle, its programming is childish. All parameters are srigraphis fae the front, and simply turn the two large rotary potentiomtres to get the most out of this synth. User manual Franaise language is impeccable, but unnecessary, except for advanced functions and discovering shortcuts.


Using the principle of analog modlisation which is now a growing number of current machines, the MicroKorg has a trs sound convincing. Bass, lead, FX, sounds squence (thanks arpgiateur the house) and even the layers of sound fawn all convincing. Of course, with 4 note polyphony is not just possible, but ...
The effects of the number two (modulation and delay) add a nice extras. The vocoder as it provides about the results and correct edition allows you to shoot a lot of things.


The MicroKorg is a small synthtiseur / vocoder that hides his game yet, the pleasure li its use is rel, and if its mini keyboard dplaira many claviristes, they can qu'apprcier appearance highly portable (it even runs on batteries). But be careful, small size does not mean toy, and is also a vritable synthtiseur who does not blush ct other machines in my home studio. Finally, the report qualitprix is ​​simply spectacular. (Bought 450 euros in October 2003)