Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

theau 03/01/2004

Korg microKORG : theau's user review


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For the feature, I let you go surfing on the manufacturer's website!

I put 7. Why:

1 cheap keyboard
2 ° No fine control over the delay effect
3 ° No control over the degree of distortion

Parcontre without comparison with a VST!! Hundred thousand times better and intuitive.


Simple to use and both complicated. This allows me at least, to teach me subtractive synthesis effectively.

Editing sounds is OK. The manipulation of sound in real time is no pb. With practice, you can have real time access to the guts of a sound while playing.


Being able to connect battery is great! No brainer. A desire to create and op j'appie a button and go!

For several days, I am trying to build me my own bank's (sound "vintage" rather than techno) naked in my duvet, the toes fan-in and a good Senheiser on the head ...


So there ... What to say. I was skeptical. After trying on a headphone in a poor Parisian shop, I doubted my purchase knowing that the technology is not my thing ... The sound was OK but nothing more than a good plugin like Pro52.

Parcontre. Arrived home. I plug in my Sennheiser ... And nothing to do. And yes! Let it be said, is like a good scratch. The amplification system you choose will be crucial (in this case, on a headphone there's no amp ...). I would say vital importance of system amplification and sound.

I'm going on the weekend with my family (in the shoulder strap in his MK saccoche) and then I plug the guitar amp to my brother (a transistor CARLSBRO 100W). What a surprise ...

I travel all 128 presets and I remember 1 / 5. The rest, I do not see the point.

I decided to create my first sound. WAOW ... What an adventure. I return some settings, I refine ... I give a little more amplitude. Just under intendité ... etc ... And then I end with a sound ... But that would call for her organic ...

No need for a polyphony of 640,000 qd was the sound ...

I record and then I tell myself that I will miss sleep.

The Landemaine I pauffine and create other sounds. Through organs, tablecloths ...

Thanks to the Vocoder and tweaks, not to mention the freeze function, I find myself in 3 seconds with a cello sound formed thanks to my voice ... I propelled into higher octaves ...

The lead ... I instantly with a couple who capsizes LR Delay from left to right ... I turn the knob fully ... The notes are repeated, s'entrejambent ... And I have both hands free to fiddle with the cutoff and reso up and down the spectrum to vibrate in my headphones (subbass at will).

At this point, I decided to apply the distortion to the signal created (having decreased the intensity of the delay of course) ... and décendre three octaves lower (And yes no pb!).

I climb up the attack while leaving a little and then I attack sustain a good bass line funky, greasy, dirty well in fact ...

Sweaty, I stop, and decided that its worth the cost! You understand I'm sure. This formed thanks to his vocal cords ... I believe it.

I could go on for hours telling you about this creative tool. And yes ... This is NOT a toy, tell yourself. It is a creation tool that makes you want to create.

No comparison with any VST I've tried (Pro53, Absynth, Moogmodular ...). There's life in this box! ! ! No need to effect a hundred! The sound as it was the trunk.

NB: I could compare the sound with the VST with the same amplification system.

ps: to try on a guitar amp tube: thrills guaranteed!


I have been using qques days.

I like it, that's it. Easy to use. Very convenient. Instinctive. Suitable for all types of music "amplified" (rock, alternative, psyche, jazz and other electronics).

The Quality / Sound / Price is confusing ...

If I am flying, I catch the guy, I unscrew the head and the tron ​​chierai him! (While recovering Of course I had to ...)