Novation K-Station
Novation K-Station
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Docteur Frog 07/30/2002

Novation K-Station : Docteur Frog's user review


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The K-Station is a keyboard 2 Octaves sensitive pressure of the note (aftertouch) possde that a number of functions for the edition of the programs rather surprising.
Typically possitionn between the sound color of Jupiter ... or MOO ... K-STATION is really a small Roadster / Coup that will blow any type of composition.

One of his formidable modlisation
The K-station has 3 oscillators among the most powerful existing, each of which can provide waveforms classical wave sinusodale for which ncessitent grooves of "sub-bass." You will find a waveform "double" (Unison) for sound HUGE without loss of polyphony. The K-Station, which offers an original synthse subtractive FM has algorithms that offer sounds and trsmtaliques and DYNAMIC TCP.

The filter in the K-Station is no less impressive.
The K-STATION possde a warm filter, "liquid" Novation gives you a rich, warm analog filters. Select the low-pass, for slopes of 12dB or 24dB cut rsonance with overdrive and allows you to re-create any type of sound from a very distorted TB303 analog and low well-rounded.


The use of K-STATION is really easy because anyone with dj pos hands or not an analog synthtiseur will be enchanted by its ergonomics. It moves, a means!. The K-Station has multiple MIDI Controller on the panel acting mostly in MIDI, SysEx, Control Changes. The edition and clearly Retailer srigraphie is a breeze.

The K-STATION possde between a 6.35mm audio jack (with management gain Line / Mic + dB) for connecting any type of microphone (headset, dynamic, static) possdant connector 6.35mm mle. The program allows 279 CHAC direct VOCODER without fuss or otherwise. Systm of the filter + SETTING THE edition of the frquences cutoff, it can grate with Transposition - (3 / 3 octave), the audio signal line intligibilit by VOCODER (you know ... the "YES .. ZZIRRR" Star Wars). You can also with a grate way of balance the mix between the original signal waveform and the mule.
The most fun is to design a Młoda sing, play the notes while recording MIDI so no sound is heard (or made to sing a boyfriend or your girlfriend) in the meantime, work on Pitch Bend, Opening the Filters affects the modulation wheel, transposition, etc.. The final is really INTERESTED and personally, OK you do not get what can a VC3, but we approach it really. It is a flexible and intuitive VOCODER plsu trs and dynamic contrast of some other analog keyboards Nickname which shall remain nameless ...


Terrible. It's simple, it NOVATION. In any fawn, I think we like it or not. Lovers sounds Prophet (tm), Jupiter (tm), Moog (R) and others will gather forcment through the sonic palette of K-STATION. It possde four banks of sounds: 100/200 which are factory patches and 300/400, which are the "Users".

The particularity of the K-Station is that as possde SUPERNOVA II, 7 cumulative effect on a preset: Reverb + Chorus + + Disto Eq Pan + + + Delay Vocoder with course changes in r tings necessary :-)


I use this keyboard from beginners to marketing as my colleague Olivier B. which is the Novation product manager, which I welcome the same opportunity. I like this keyboard because it is versatile, portable, and most importantly ddi possde a tone color and dynamics to me familires trs. I regret that not NOVATION prvu to market Bandoulire version, but with an AX7 and A-STATION is the rack version, I think can be a still playable.
Regarding the price, I'll let you judge only: 999 euros TTC public

Alexis Calandry - Doctor Frog