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Pentrite 12/29/2004

Quasimidi Sirius : Pentrite's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Only two MIDI outputs for 7 shares (bd-snare-hithat synth-perc-3)
Between a carrier and an analysis between the vocoder
Mic (rotten) integrates, but between all the same mic

Programmable polyphonic arpeggiator (only 8 slots)
8 + the classic "up", "down" ...


Trs rapid schedule (edit sounds and sequencer) is the strong point!

"Macros" on the envelopes: prrglages ADSR turning one knob
Most are paramtres facade (in fact there are few: the shipping is fast because lgre)
Some other paramtres (mono, modulations, A, D, S and R ,...) indpendants menu

For the sequencer it is possible to assign squence diffrent length of each unit
It is possible to recall gallant on each hand a squence (pattern) that programm adjacent to another piece that can be programmed quickly trs a new song, "kit"!

Perfect for live:-change patterns during playback
-Modify a package of one knob
- "Special loop track" and breaks that can program and assign keys
prvues this
knob assign each one-unit (and the vocoder) and can turn rgler
role volume, pan, send an fx fx send and 2 - trs rare as a track, yet
necessary (one would think a mixer: to put a quick dish or
to live)


While they are in relation grossires sounds "mlodiques" three tracks synth
more publisher and thin (it is a synthse PCM samples in QQE playing so> there are 128 waveforms for the tracks "mlodiques" sawtooth , square, ..., mellotron, TB, ropes, various samples some limits) but even two oscilloscope waveform for the two ("dtunables" up to 2 octaves)

The drums and bored when they are well supplied in quantity and quality (the samples too)
but I mean when I say electros sound quality (n'sperez play acoustic drums)
The samples of TR 808 and 909 are of much better quality than a mc-303 is still a machine ROLAND (look for the error!)

The vocoder is rotten (10 bands but we believe there are 4 ...) but can be used for anything other than the voice-routing internal (twelve o'clock each unit can be sent in analysis, carrier or
both time and this for all tracks at a time)
Send-fx audio inputs to 1 and 2 (in bypassing the vocoder)
10-band filter units or audio inputs producing a large and well
grunge when pushed (not to master, one is right?!)

The filter is dirty if you wish the rsonance up enough and / or filter-overdrive
Problem: it blocks about 6 KHz! Many filters are numriques problems in the high end, but ... (besides the blocking II SUPERNOVA 12 KHz)
often requires "calm" when you get the rsonance prs of this under penalty of being assaulted violently!


Perfect for: minimalism, drum n bass, hardcore / Gaber, trance, big beat fawn Prodidgy (first album), fawn house Daft Punk (first album)

Good for beginners as a quick fun way to program +

Trs good for live!

Sounds much like saturated fat and lofi
Filter / vocoder allows for the "big sound that kills" and rhythmic "which t'arrachent the head"
(Exit the "we are the robots")

Do not use if you are looking for the finesse, the presence, the rallisme (acoustic Anloga)
A synth for Kepone!