Revox PR99 MkII
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tgir2 12/17/2004

Revox PR99 MkII : tgir2's user review


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I use it for over a year. What about him except that the sound is typical of magntos band, ie warm, full and dynamic.
In dpart, I found the noise a little Gnant (it does not possde Systm rduction of noise) but since I bought a denoiser dbx 150 Type I, which makes it even quieter and dynamic. I can now do the editing, copy numrique or make direct contact with no audible breath (S / N observation of dynamic analyzer 95.6db 99.5db).
The trs trs pramps are good and you can "get into it" before the distortion becomes audible.
Reliability is an issue Studer / Revox So you buy it, you do rgler maintenance shop and say goodbye to the technician because it is not to see you again ... prs

For résumé,

- As with any sharp instrument, it rclame minimal attention (among other heads of nttoyage frquent trs)
- Calibration according to the band magntique uses a fairly sharp and ncessitant ossillo.
- The price. It is hard to find trs Used in perfect state.
A model in a perfect state and rcemment rvis is hardly less than in 1000 on the market of OCCAZ.

- Musicalitbr /> - reliability (if properly performed maintenance)
- XLR connectors symtrique
- Extensive Career Guidance (check manual or auto-caliber direct sound recording with micro pramps worthy of the name, many of posibilit rglages, including adapting the selected band etc. ...).

Something is, the devices of the brand is so pro t utiliss in that one can still find all the spices and to perform maintenance without problem among specialist in maintenance of pro gear (at least in Paris ...). I have also seen several times in Audio Service A77 MODELS 1974 under renovating.

CAUTION: If you are looking for a watch to MODEL. The unit as the basis destiny to mix and broadcast studios, and our answer to requests from some pros, Studer / Revox has produced a number of driv MODEL base (eg MODEL mono, MODEL read-only, MODEL MODEL CUSTOMER record without pramps microphones etc ...)