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skunx 10/05/2011

Analogue Solutions Telemark : skunx's user review

«  terrible »

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rack, see above for characteristics.
used on a PC with cubase

no effect, everything is editable, patchable .....



I have not read the manual, no need, I have a modular

everything is up to, you turn a button and presto the sound changes, it's easy, you patches as you want until the result ...



The sound is terrible, for low, tablecloths, FX finally all, the only barrier is your imagination

everything is hyper-reactive, video is good but when we have at hand is vibrant, warm or cold, all the sounds are not realistic as possible but with the telemark it is not the why



from today and I'll take all my mixes, to integrate parcontre I will have work to do but good when you love.

Telemark and so why not ????? Oberheim SEM close to 50 euros I could but I am not pro or pro brand model "has to have at all costs" in any