Coron DS-7 Drum Synce
Coron DS-7 Drum Synce
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electric lullaby 06/07/2005

Coron DS-7 Drum Synce : electric lullaby's user review


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Mini analog synth is intended for drummers.

The small aluminum box (type Hamond, the same kind of effect pedals that MXR example) binds to a ft an acoustic drum, the vibration of it then dclenchent the sound of the synth.

I think there is also a Trig Input Format (jack) to connect an external pad plutty to be able to leave sounds without necessarily having an acoustic sound at the same time.

7 potentiomtres:
- Meaning
- Rate
- Mode
- Deep
- Decay
- Volume

I never test a Coron Drum Synth ORIGINAL. Mine is a clone I RALIS. I Intgr directly in a house pad, made from a 12-ft ", size approx 2" thick, and stuffed with foam to stifle any compltement attempt to acoustics.
Pictures are arranged in my profile.


The case fix a ft, should not be a gnial.

Mine is a large pad with 7 pots are great to use. On tape, there's the sound that comes out rglage A good sense of the button allows rgler the sensitivity of the sensor and the nuances and the volume and duration (see the pitch, in other rglages ) of the note produced according to the intensity of the strike.
I do not know what to give a true, but on mine, even when it trs trsdlicat to qualify the game for varying sounds, and basically, we retain pleased t 2 grades: strong or not strong.

No memory or prrglage, everything is done in pots, forcment not easy to find the sound that we so much more than the day before ... It comes with practice ... Must be said that for now, I put the buttons is provisional, more than half does not again ...


Sounds are trs Varis, and quite DLIR.
We can go for big bass vibrating trs who do everything shake (I do, however, that plays on a 15 Watt bass amp transistors) sounds straight out of lasers goldorak, to the hungry chicks Pialle s, all ts trs long or short, playing with the knob decay.
When tested alone, you say, yeah, it's really fun ... and APRS?!?

Where it comes into its own precisely, it is once it is Intgr has an acoustic kit. It brings such a range suplmentaire. It does absolutely no substitute another lment, sounds are absolutely not looking for a synthetic quelquonque resemblance Ralite (short, it is not an expander with the sounds of machine-thing-thing pr -registration), for against, one surprise was the use or could have given a helping cymbal crash or other impact ... or to swing a long undulating sound and dying on a fast rhythm CC ... short, it's really cratrices new opportunities, which add a touch electro my old kit vintage rock plutt typ.

And where he takes on a dimes, is when I stick my guitar effect pedals ... since t, he fell madly in love with my Fuzz Face ... The Big Muff (ready-for Billou for the occasion) is doing pretty well, but plutt rglages with the synth in agus ... For low dchirent that the face dchire all.
It is also a p'tit INTERESTED short delay, a phaser also bring some little supplmentaire color, but a ton pedals that really it is the Boss EH-2 (enhancer), which, if it is subtle enough on a guitar, is enough rvle registered with the Drum Synth. The sound becomes more aggressive, more biting, more slamming. (Very hard dcrire a try ... what ...)
Otherwise of course, this means great synth with my position HeadRush looper: live sampling and overdubbing galore to CRER rhythm loops live ... Well, change the battery is down on the right rglage, it's hot ...


I love it. Its happening in my acoustic kit has a real t rvolution. The door opened and some express hack electronic, without the falling darkness the cot numrique that does not attract me at all, both in terms of sound use. (Viva analog!)

It's not trsrpandu and more beautiful place since long time, so probably not very easy to find OCCAZ '. on the other hand, foncirement not difficult to manufacture ( for who knows welded.