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zap32 07/25/2014

Future Retro XS : zap32's user review

«  Terrible! »

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It is a complete monophonic synthesizer with 2 VCO, each capable of covering a range of 0.5 Hz to 100 kHz + is a sub, a RingMod, the noise or the ability to inject an external source.

It also has 2 ADSR envelope with the particularity of being sensitive to velocity, a lfo to sync via midi bpm, a VCA, a mixer, a multi-mode filter and 2 poles a modulation matrix for the VCO A, B and the filter allowing e.g. two modulating the VCO frequency independently by both internal or external non-cool signals!

And as it is a semi modular, the possibilities are numerous, we have the right to 7 inputs (cv in, osc mod, audio in, filter mod, velocity in, gate in and VCA in) and 11 outputs ( cv, mod w, velocity, lfo, wave A, B and C, gate, filter, approx + / - and hand out) so there is something faire.Les jack outputs are 6.35 so for those who have the eurorack, you need tens of patch cable mini jack-jack big or simple mini adapter / wholesale jack.Il should also know that some input-output are + / - 15 volts, therefore use with the 'eurorack, I think it can cause problems but just add an attenuator / amplifier and is réglé.Cela said the majority is compatible so you can already have fun without.

There are no PC editor is really a synth is to experiment and are outward not allow evil delirium.


User level, we all have on hand, no submenu so with a minimum of knowledge in additive and subtractive synthesis, we found it quickly.

In my case, I prefer that a synth with lots of sub menu, as with a modular, we share in each unknown sequence, how to create with this kind of synth is very direct, no decision head, play, turn the knobs and you will eventually find the right sound.

It is even possible to make a complete piece with nothing but the sounds of the XS in samplant, making the layering and value all in a sequencer / sampler, you get a truly stunning results.

Moreover, it is more a studio machine, though live you can always use the filter, otherwise there is a patch in the manual with a drum loop passed through the filter and the input XS gate, and it is sending!

After all depends on the style of music, apparently this synth is used by some recognized zicos therefore one can very well be used on stage if it is endowed with the keyboard, finally, is what a synth!


The sound is terrible, he has a good grain it is a synth with character, you just have to listen to the demo on the vendor's site (which for once are), they speak of itself.

This synth is still in a versatile electro field, also in the manual there are examples of patch (kick, snare, clap, hh, bass of all kinds, lead, fx), it gives a good idea of ​​the possibilities of the beast and when you start it is very appréciable.Il there is also a blank for those who want to keep in memory patch.


So here, I think this is a very good investment, I tested a lot of synth (dark energy, slimphatty, b virus, RADIAS, Monomachine, modular ... etc ...) and that is that I prefer grain level (not to mention modular course!).

After i love sounds so aggressive with the XS I served.

This is a synth I see only qualifications for the moment but it's less than a week so I do with the time.