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3114 02/10/2009

Studio Electronics ATC-1 : 3114's user review


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T says it all ..


One strand breaks some balls .. switch call multiple functions / options, especially in parts midi / keyb and matrix modulation.
but this module is simple and once you get is done, everything goes very quickly.
the idea of ​​different filters, and can switch from one to another is an easy first .. it's a great idea!


The envelopes are very fast .. but not sure if there are several versions of the machine ... i have the first draft of the instrument and I can assure you that the potato is awesome .. well above those of my virus ti, nothing to see!
how can we say that it is soft?? (Or look for a v-synth ...?)
For me this is what makes the strength of his punch atc ...... .... more so than his stamp clean enough
tone reminds me of the roland mks 70/80, so pleasant, and very roland.color.
but say that has not "drift" not at all, it's very very stable and well-tun .... very "modern" what.
has not drool, it's not dirty or trashy but it's much, much pchu!
it would seem that the later versions and "x" sounds differently ... I have not heard .. but knowledge has sold its atc atc-x for January 1 generation ...... but I doubt anyway this may be the day and night to point to compare the machine to "punch" of a v-synth .......(!)


Very good machine, its modern, large gouache