Studio Electronics SE-1X Nova - Angel Dust Edition
Studio Electronics SE-1X Nova - Angel Dust Edition

SE-1X Nova - Angel Dust Edition, Analog Synth Rack/Sound Module from Studio Electronics.

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D-Djoul 06/11/2008

Studio Electronics SE-1X Nova - Angel Dust Edition : D-Djoul's user review


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In the order the machine consists telephone marketing as well:

- The control section, with the volume knob prinvipal and that of the glide (which can be adjusted in the menus more accurately)

- Section modulation, setting speed and depth of LFO 2 or 3, and has also a page in the menus of the machine. There they will have access to an lfo and more advanced settings: choice of modulation (the filter, the volume, the resolution, the cutoff, noise, etc.) of the three LFOs, MIDI sync or off at noon clock ( 1 - 2 - 4 ...)

- Part oscilloscope which has three, each with three waveforms that can be stacked if desired, so in total you can overlay up to 9 waveforms! The frequency knob serventr to adjust the pitch and the pulse width changes the shape of the wave. All this is configurable in the munus plus the independent adjustment of the volumes of the three osc, adding noise, and more.

- The filter consists of a 24 db (that of the moog) and a 12 db (for SEM) switchable via a button. There is also a freak knob (the cutoff) and squawk (frequency). Just below the distal part, with a volume control (by the way, the only possible setting for this distortion, shame)
In the menu you can switch the filter from the SEM in low pass or high pass.

- Just enssuite envelope part (there are four)
> The first is automatically assigned to Part oscilloscope (I think that's what head I'm not categorically but it seems to me that>> if it's not the case I will correct soon)
> The second filter.
These two parameters are not changed, even shame, but we can still do with trèsbien. The envelope they are three and four freely assignable (and menus)

- The last part is the knob amplification envelopes 1, 3 and 4.

- Connectivity, a midi in - out - truth, a mono out jack and one in. There's no more
no need!

I always forget but head is not easy.

The only thing, and I want to mention, considering the price of the machine, it is the fragile-looking rack! Without in December, they would have wanted to do worse than it would have been hard, everything looks fragile, knob the switch, and even the big wheel! In my opinion it must be treated gently if Garre to malfunction problem in the near future!

I put 9 for carractéristiques techniques, to make the bass is top configurable, but the side toc: plastoc worth two (and yes for the price can not be a bit naughty!?)


This machine is super simple and very ergonomic, very logical and fun, it seems that there some configurable parameters, but because they are very well disposed to each other. In fact the more you play with, the more it becomes really of its capabilities!
Again, very logical to use, as proof I have only been two days and I already know enough to énnumérer lots of feature (see above)

The manual, y 'has a very fine, and as the machine is very straightforward, so everything is told in a short word limit it will be going very well (I opened it twice)


Top for bass and leads, there's nothing to throw, the more I used it more fart, the sound is bold but not énnnnorme as we hear too often in my opinion, the fact that short where it is necessary and when you need!


Super Bécanne, but I'm still very disappointed with the fragile side of the machine, this should not discourage the potential buyer because the sound is definitely there!

I put 9 because you can always do better!