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nikko666 08/09/2007

Studio Electronics Omega 8 : nikko666's user review


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First to answer the previous opinions, SE has released a new OS that fixes all the bugs, it's magic ... well. on the other hand I highly recommend to buy the eprom of SE, because I upgrade my OS grid the EPROM, I had to buy the component ($ 25).

Polyphonic Synth original and powerful. Best of Studio Electronics. see other ads for details, I would focus on the originality of this synth and sound in this review.


It is a rack and it is true that for the price we would have AIM keyboard with wood and everything. But no. It is solid, as is all rack Studio Electronics, quite heavy and quite solid.
The edition is like the SE-1X, easy and intuitive. The buttons are fluid and they are no 'steps' in the freq of the filter like the old SE-1 for example.
CRER can sound very easy and the manual is only useful if you want to save the patch on computer for example.
The manual is anecdotal as always with SE. A few pages with Essenciel. If you do not know anything about synths, you'll just gallrer. But nothing to do with a radiant example. This is the analog, you can touch everything By creating the sound is trs 'organic'


The sound of the OMEGA is especially trs. I am fortunate to have one with the famous filters CS-80 and I must say that these filters are worth because they are really different 12db and 24db of base.
The brand offers a lot of sonic possibilities with the perfection of Studio Electronics.
The sound is its strong point. It does not sound too impressive only because it has no effects, but it's a use we appreciate it. I have many synths, and when I'm low, for example, I will try to place it on the mix.
Andromeda will ring my flat, my flat Minimoog, but the Omega will pierce the mix. It's always the same. I wish I could use my Minimoog more often, but a comparison, Omega always wins thanks to its unique precision in the sound.
It recognizes an Omega in all major U.S. production: Gwen Stephany, Rihanna, etc ... the bass sounds are vintage Omega. They have this presence that makes it a low infra that shake the windows, for example, without effort, it's natural. The unit is modern, it is necessary to sound modern, it is my opinion the best synth for productions having a R & B, Urban and Rap music. THE U.S. is his bte in this, and we can not imitate.


I put 8 as the note because despite all the synth is not everything. It is 10 in some areas.
The areas of excellence:
- Leads, basses, keyboards, punchy, effects and sequences
The PCHE or it
- Tablecloths, drums
- Price

It has unique CHARACTERISTICS cons of that are truly exceptional: the placing of a CSO is the other example gives each note a 'life' is what you play, the unison mode that plays all CSOs at the same time intelligently and provides a sound HUGE. There is also an arpeggiator trs efficient, excellent management of MIDI, the aftertouch and Veloci (Moog is zero on the plan).

In short, this unit has many exceptional assets, if you have money and want to have a U.S., it has to have the machine. This means in the mix and nothing can do the same.