Alesis A6 Andromeda
Alesis A6 Andromeda

A6 Andromeda, Analog Synth from Alesis.

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obieone 07/05/2005

Alesis A6 Andromeda : obieone's user review


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Ridiculous, have tried one hour, cutting effects (metal) there is nothing.

I juno60 a chorus that sounds gross ss 3 times larger.
I prefer even my BIT99, which has a hell of sin (Curtiss filters).

it sucks, and it cost (used) the price of a juno + jx + matrix6 or a 1000 + 600 + a prophet or an odyssey source.
there not even a n'enremplace correctly.

ca wrong or what? alesis hey There's a zero too!

go your way.


Naze.plein of things that are useless and may sound

10 becaufe rating buttons, they lachés.on looks like it has a virus (but actually not, the virus is more bcp) ...


Good sound rhapsody.le elka real cost 16 times less out of it ....

the sound is thin and flat (static).

no life, no emotion.

it looks like a sample player.

d50 has a button. (and again, the D50 has a potato side!)


I do not use pas.c is like a Ferrari with an engine in kart.

tests in-store 2 times, a month apart.
We tried on different monitors, the headphones, the owner of pmagasin n'enrevenait not, I think he is still convinced that the synth is defectueux.l output stage anyway.

home; juno60, 106, JX8P, matrix, big cs, SixTrack, prophet600, QC, linn, drtks, MemoryMoog (sold, sniff ...) poly6, monopoly, pro1.

I do not exchange against this thing, or if I can sell it and buy a 2000 analos more balls (yeah, long live the plug ins!)
OVERALL RATING: 2 as the math lycee.on can survive without the andromeda maths.sans ausii.passons.