Crumar BIT99
Crumar BIT99

BIT99, Analog Synth from Crumar.

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Minimatic 05/13/2006

Crumar BIT99 : Minimatic's user review


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The form is actually much Audiofanzine complte. There are several sites of aficionados of the SERIES Bit, offering patches sounds, soft drinks, books ... So we not feel too lonely.
FYI, mine is a 99 bit black.


In Ralite ergonomics is not as unbearable as that. it is on it is far from the button Settings, and there is no knob .. that's for sure. but at least there's that (very beautiful!) srigraphie on top of the machine that simplifies all the same bcp's edition ... you sail in clear view, and in this framework, the n is not the worst I've ever met, near l. The manual easily found online, is not too foul, and qq small touches of humor (Italian) are the sauce. And this system of dual output (possible) upper and lower is to use two sounds at the same time, drive to two different outputs, or to the keyboard splitter, is smart enough: sr not to use so often a, but not inintressant opportunity.


Attention is that the machine wakes up ... So obviously in prambule, as almost all the machines of this era, the ism is no longer appropriate, and that d Moreover precisely why we love (or we DTEST), or a little of both time, the 80's. In fact the first thing I put the chip ear is touching the keyboard: a very good feeling (which at least one super keypad), and especially a haunting expressiveness: the v locit really is quality and a knob can even rgler his "densitquot; ... dtail rare, and so well s'tonner think we can not meet him on d other machines. And the touch and expressiveness are surely not for nothing took pleasure in discovering the sounds on this keyboard.
In fact I felt close to a trs Matrix, a color on the brass Oberheim obvious or well coated tablecloths, incursions RPTES the cot of a PPG for low, and sounds with mtalliques held or blips ... You really feel that the machine generates the wave rich evolutionary filtering, resonators really classes, sounds rather complicated as possible, and what the terrain, it is much more convincing than a CZ for example (really missing body).
And what makes it so compelling bit as it has no point cheating: no effect, no internal reverb, no chorus outrageous (Casio CZ follow my eyes ...): in short, we here is the no net, and rings.


Just to put the context, I 35 and it's been over twenty years that I see passing machines ... And 99 Bit, it's really a great machine, ultra undercut (finally should we complain?), which offers a touch of high-flying (really!), and sounds damn good, rich without being too flashy, and that can really find their place in a mix. The low brass digital blips and dtuns resonant layers are strong points of the machine. Cote physical robustness, do a little attention to the state of selector push, which tend to fatigue over the years, otherwise it's tough.