Crumar BIT99
Crumar BIT99

BIT99, Analog Synth from Crumar.

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gillesdeshays 12/04/2002

Crumar BIT99 : gillesdeshays's user review


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Good for all that the whole sheet is very well done!


So .. it's the bottom hurts ... Ergonomics is about that of a blender moulinex 127 features 1982 ...

For all parameters must select the parameter number and then modify it with the + or - ....

It could have been overtaken by a MIDI implementation level of these parameters ... Nay but ... Note on, note off, Prog. Change, Velocity and After changes are received only in MIDI .. (But I'm working on changing hardware to control a parameter of max. By potentiometers on the front ...)

All this is very unfortunate because: (Next -> Sounds)


It can generate big bass sounds ... (Generation of waveforms, ADSR filter and Analog ...), good sound leads, percussion interresting ...
I quite like the sound in general ... But it must be "hours" to exit the sound of death ....
There is no effect.
The keyboard is well made and responds well ...


It's been six years since I have this machine (black version) and I'm very happy ...
I use mostly keyboard master but I bcp sample with effects ...
I love her big warm sounds good ... but less ergonomics.
I had okkaz for a pittance ... So UON quality / price ratio ...
This rating to 300 € okkaz
A good master keyboard in short, with a good sound module ... but ergonomics to type in the c.. the ground ... ;)