Korg M-500
Korg M-500

M-500, Analog Synth from Korg.

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SuperTrash_audiojunkie 09/20/2004

Korg M-500 : SuperTrash_audiojunkie's user review


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32 keys
30 presets 5 1 synthe
Synthe 5 2 (3 + sound synthe white noise and pink noise)
5 brass (three trumpets, one trombone, one tuba)
5 string (two violins, a viola, a cello, a dblebasse)
5 wood (recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon)
5 voices (whistle, soprano, alto, tenor, bass)
1 large knob on / off as the volume that gre
1 large knob for the pitch
1 large knob for the attack and sustain for a
1 large knob for modulation
1 large knob for modulation
1 large knob for portamento
2 horizontal sliders: one for the traveler (filter) and one for the modulation
3 switches: one for the vibrato
For a repeat of the vibrato
1 for the portamento
The traveler will only work on 2 presets of synthesizers and brass.

Great look (in 1985) with a wooden, plastic keyboard, no aftertouch, polyphonic certainly (I check welds) monotimbral.

Output Jack 2 6'35 (high-low out)


Very very simple, no need for manual


For good or deaf low aggressive ", some presets are dealing (synth 1 and 2 32 ', the bass is also interesting). The traveler, as the Korg PS-900 is impressive, the portamento is also the vibrato is a bit worse than the PS-900 but hey .... he will have done the trick!
The sounds are not realistic! But damn, they are good!! (Sorry for bad word) I particulirement gets off the sounds and they incorporated very well into my music .... If you want to make very flat ground you can! If you want to make big bass, you can! I find it versatile even if it has only 30 presets. His traveler (filter) is so good that every sound can be exploitable.


I love its looks, its sounds, its traveler. I do not even resell the galley .... I love him too! I consider the little brother of PS-900 (released in 1975), so it has some weaknesses against it but it makes up for its low weight and low "footprint. And then her look! ! With its large buttons that can be good tritouiller ever!

I bought 150 on occasion and the dark because I had seen on photos.Et is a very good surprise.
It does not please you can not therefore be better to look to try before you buy (I did the opposite).
I am very satisfied!