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Sinse 01/11/2005

M.F.B. MFB-SYNTH : Sinse's user review


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Monophonic analog expander
VCF lowpass 24 dB / Oct
1 LFO - ADSR 2 - Sequencer Step-by-step

External power transformer 12v
1 mono audio output


The manual included is a half page A4 folded in half, to be clear it is clear.
But no need to manually except for the step sequencer but you do you will never use.
The minimum is there.
Once out of his shoe box effect is still there we say "hum of analog ..... we'll connect!"
Can you say "super lightweight for the analog?", It should weigh 500g.
All orders are available either on the front. 0 submenu.
There are knobs and switch 3 positions of the first digital calculators (CLAC! Here we changed the position is known), the quality of components is reminiscent of my first toys, electrical / electronic.
The panel is screwed by screws screwdriver.
Finally this is what it is manufacturing that comes from the East, not great at all at all.
In short you are not going to impress with friends on that side is clear, but it is not the goal.


So there it is it is connected!
Here c I hear a strange sound but is on my sequencer stop?
I ride a little sound: Pssshhhiiiissshhiiiirrrrsssiiissstrrrriisssssstttt
Ah? c normal c it can be analog?
The sounds are quite good (even too) quite basic and generally unusable except for a few test drum n bass jungle.
The only interest was for me to create a hyper bass sound muffled so no cracking and good potatoes.


I did, I've sold quite quickly, but I wanted an analog ben good there ...... have fun with a little time and then ......

There is no memory for sounds (big missing) so imagine the result

320 euros nine Thomann, keep in an analog to a little above in terms of overall quality.