Moog Music Little Phatty
Moog Music Little Phatty

Little Phatty, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

Studiodragon 03/09/2007

Moog Music Little Phatty : Studiodragon's user review

«  The small variation of Moog ... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
The last of Moog (2007) or the spirit of Bob trs still sounds alive.
Admittedly the machine is not designed to make large sheets, but for yet a monophonic low rating we ship the solid.
The analog VCO 2 are ultra-stable and Osc. 1 & 2 synchronized.
Envelope section provides two ADSR gnrateurs, a modulating filter and the other modulating the VCA.
Modulation section as it is based on a four LFO waveforms coupled to a 1x1 Mod Buss with 6 possible modulation sources and 4 destinations.


Trs retissant beginners to the appearance, I changed my mind during use because the configuration and gnrale edition of sounds is really very simple so trs properly configured.
The CONTRL result by four LEDs, each topped with 15 LEDs as indicative everything is simple, clear and fast tamable trs ...

This small variation of the Moog Voyager not need to hide what these great derrire ERRF


Indeed in some features that are found to remain such as the Waveshape mod. etc..
Some means for modulating (+ Sync.) But overall is a standard.
The LFO is really fast about 50Hz
Bass, bass ...


Sound OK and really is not one but a minimoog Moog Source can be a like new ...
The manual is in English + one DVD dmonstration included.
Trs qualitprix good value!
8 / 10 For